AIO Downloader Version 3.5.7 Mod plus APK 2018 ( All in One )

AIO Downloader is a very small but very useful app for Android users. AIO Team developed this app for downloading apps, games, videos and mp3 for Android users. There are 8 different versions of AIO Downloader developed for Android users, PC, and tablets etc. AIO Downloader is a very beneficial app because its size is 4.4M and acquire a very little space in your smart phone. There are several other plat forms for downloading but that makes your smart phone slow because they are very heavy apps. With AIO Downloader you wont experience such situations. AIO Downloader is very secure and safe from malware all of its files are tested by ISO.

Benefits Of AIO Downloader:

The following are the benefits of AIO Downloader.


With AIO downloader you can search your favorite app, games, images, wallpapers, videos, mp3 and other files easily.


This app allows you to download files like apps, games, videos, mp3 etc any where and any time.


AIO Downloader is very secure and safe downloading plat form for apps etc with AIO Downloader you don’t need to worry about any malware.


All the apps, games, mp3 and videos are free of cost in this downloading app.

Get Paid App Free:

AIO Downloader allows you to download paid app free of cost.

Online Videos:

With AIO Downloader you can watch online videos of youtube, dailymotion etc.

Additional Information About AIO Downloder:

  • There are 8 versions of AIO Downloader.
  • You can use AIO Downloader on Android Version of 2.0 and Above.
  • This app was designed by AIO Team and was introduced to Play store in 2016.
  • The content rating of this apk is 4.5.
  • This APK is totally free of cost for users.